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Oral pole of an adult Nematostella.

What makes life work?

By uncovering the secrets underlying fundamental biological processes, we can find innovative approaches to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease.

Foundational science. Profound implications.

Closeup of a research scientist observing a lab sample at the Stowers Institute

Untangling the riddles of biology for scientific discovery

Foundational research is where cures begin. Discoveries resulting from studying the fundamental processes of life frequently prove to be major milestones toward novel therapies and treatments.


Powerful technology. Intentional collaboration.

World-class equipment and collaborative partnerships. Our researchers work side-by-side with experts in our Technology Centers. The unique model has catapulted the Institute to the forefront of innovative science.

Technology Centers

A research scientist in a Stowers Institute lab coat looking into a microscope

Training the next generation of scientists

We are dedicated to encouraging motivated individuals to pursue science or science-related professions—from our accredited Graduate School to our training programs for post-docs, post-bacs and undergrads.

Education & Outreach

Registration for Stowers Research Conference is now open

Register for Developmental Cell Biology at the Stowers Institute October 23-25, 2024

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Our unique funding model allows the freedom to explore the unexpected.

Transformational science requires the transformation of science. Through the unparalleled generosity and vision of our founders, Jim and Virginia Stowers, we have a scientific ecosystem that encourages discovery and innovation. Jim, founder of American Century Investments, and Virginia followed their initial generous investment by establishing a funding model that provides ongoing support of our research through the annual dividends from American Century Investments. Because of this structure, Stowers scientists are uniquely positioned to explore with freedom, and allowed the ability to follow biological avenues that lead to novel discoveries and to share their findings for the betterment of humanity.

American Century Investments

Stowers Resource Management

Stowers Institute at a Glance

  • $1.8B

    Spent on research

  • 500


  • 10

    Acre campus

  • 150

    Ongoing research projects

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Defining New Frontiers

Kansas City: born from a spirit of discovery

Incredible science comes from curious and creative minds. Our bold and innovative approach to research is the perfect match for the dynamic culture and profound pride you’ll find in Kansas City. Similar to the Stowers Institute, Kansas City is pushing boundaries. An incredible food and music scene, world-class art institutions, and championship sports teams are just a few of the great attributes that set KC apart. See why we’ve chosen the heart of the country as our home.

Explore our Satellite Lab

Our Lab at the MBL

The Stowers Institute’s dedicated lab space at the Marine Biological Laboratory allows Stowers scientists of all levels, from predoctoral researchers to Investigators, the ability to travel to Woods Hole, Mass. and tackle new research projects using undomesticated ocean organisms brought from beach to bench.

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